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11 Years
May 17, 2008
Here, there, and everywhere...
The other night as I was drifting off to sleep and my husband and I were talking I could have sworn he had told me a story about a headless rooster named Mike. I brushed it off for a couple of days because I have some VIVID dreams and thought it was just something I had dreamed about.
Today I decided to look it up as the "memory" nagged at me again.

Apprently, my husband really did tell me a story about a headless rooster while I was drifting off

Here is the story:



Gross huh?! Would you feed that thing with an eyedropper for 18 months?
What I wonder is why on earth the farmer would have left the rooster after attemping to slaughter it. What did he serve his mother-in-law that evening for dinner?!
He didn't feed her Mike.

There are a number of threads on here about Mike.

... and just when you think you've heard and seen it all....
My take on the Mike story is that people will do ANYTHING for attention. Absolute fame hogs (or a word that rhymes with "bores"...)
theres also a movie from pbs i think about chickens and they mention him the dvd is called the history of the chicken really wanted to get but cant afford it . also it talks about chicken diapers a silkie that swims and other cute stories but mike is in there too

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