Mille cochin bantams and Serama chicks not co-existing peacefully


Oct 24, 2014
Well I finally hatched myself 6 Millie cochins and 6 serama chicks.

My broody little silkie hen Lily has adopted them as her own. All has been good.

But at week 4 the cochin chicks, there is drama with them dominating the smaller serama chicks..

Trying to decide if I should separate the cochins to a pen of their own, which can be stressful for them.

But what else can I do to ease the stress on my little serama babies? Bullied little brown serama baby.

I thought cochins were gentle and peaceful.. Did not expect this.. Though I do no there is a pecking order with chickens.

I have 4 cochin roos and 2 hens. I know I will need to rehome the roosters no room for that many. and the one hen that is doing the bullying.
lol Nothing bloody at this point just pecking, some feather pulling and chasing..

The naughty ones lol

Does it look like the best option is to separate the bigger cochin chicks? I want all to be happy!!!

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