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Mille fleur leghorn eggs BIN

Discussion in 'Chicken Hatching Eggs' started by Phage, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Phage

    Phage Mad Scientist

    Aug 1, 2009
    San Diego, CA
    Luvinbluechickens has 5+ mille fleur leghorn eggs plus what is laid tomorrow (the previous buyer of 5+ eggs got sent 11 but it depends on what is laid).

    These are super fresh and can ship out Wednesday if sold.
    We have an almost 100% hatch rate here, and recently have had excellent hatch rates on eggs we shipped out.
    $50 plus shipping.

    Please state mine and PM Luvinbluechickens if you want them.
    The flock consists of 4 girls and 1 boy from a top breeder. They are so much nicer in person than the picture. Parents pictures below. The roosters have nice temperaments.

    Last edited: Feb 5, 2013

  2. heatheraldi

    heatheraldi Hatching

    Dec 26, 2012

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