~*Millie Fleur Bantam Cochin eggs!!*~


8 Years
May 26, 2011
North Carolina
I am offering 6+ Millie Fleur Bantam Cochin hatching eggs!! These cochins are purebred. I constantly am breeding towards the standard for cochins. The reason I am offering these limited time only is because I have enough chicks to look at I don't need to hatch many more right now.

This listing for 6+ Millie Fleur Hatching eggs, I will always add more than 6. The price is $30 for the eggs $12 for shipping. Total being $42.

I cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to shipping issues but I do my best at packing each eggs individually and have a lot of success with other buyers.

If interested in these eggs please post below or send me a PM. Or both! Thanks!
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