Mineral Block


6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
My Mom says when she was growing up that her Dad let the chickens peck at a salt block.

The 1/4 salt content of it will be a LOT if they eat much of it (usually feed is about 0.5% salt). It is possible to overdose chickens on salt. But I leave out Redmond Mineral Conditioner for my chickens that is 5% salt. They do eat it some.

Personally I would make sure they are getting adequate access to chicken feed (in other words, not being bullied away from the food)...so they aren't eating the block out of desperation. I'd throw them some feed just for them if needed.
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Is that the stuff that is fairly grainy or crumbly? I would worry about the salt content and everything else if they are actually eating it. We use one that is pretty flat / fine textured, and have never seen the chickens bother it. Could you switch to another type? Or move it up on a fence in a holder to where the goats can reach it but the chickens can not? Second double checking that the chickens are getting enough chicken feed and that there isn't another rooster especially keeping the one away.

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