Mini Vermin & Varmint Traps

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    Living in a desert environment, I have kangaroo rat's, rabbits, ravens, chipmunks, mice, & coyote's, [​IMG] among a few more. Does anyone here know if it's safe to trap these mini beasts & toss 'em into my chicken run?? [​IMG] I'm reading articles that state these vermin may carry virus among other things. Would I want to expose my egg machines to this possibility?? [​IMG] I see there are MANY methods for live trapping of these rodents, but seriously question the idea of turning them into a delicacy food item for the chickens to play w/and fight over. Anyone use these live traps, & which method or trap would you use?? I would be against trapping them simply to re-locate the little feed stealin' varmints. [​IMG] My coop & run are completely protected, except for the feed storage area. My roo lives there, but he ignores, or sleeps through whoever comes into his area. [​IMG] The ravens, rabbit's cannot get @ my girls. My roo free ranges, so his days on this planet MAY BE LIMITED!! [​IMG]

    I DID HAVE an excellent 4 legged hunter/exterminator [​IMG] until about two weeks ago. [​IMG] He hunted/caught/brought home live tarantula's, rabbit's, mice, snake's, & whatever. I believe his fearlessness of snakes overloaded his capabilities. [​IMG] I definitely KNOW I have Mohave Green's in the area. They don't "play w/thier food" like my cat did! Yes, he actually brought snakes & tarantula's into the cabin "on the hoof" so to speak. [​IMG]
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    Aug 17, 2010
    If my chickens find a mouse in their run, they will catch and eat them. But the mice I trap, I toss away. Anything you trap I would kill and toss out.

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