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Jul 23, 2016
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Ok so I have a Cuckoo Maran, Picture shown, her name is Genevieve. Most people who meet her usually say something along the lines of "look how cute you chick is!". My reply is " She isn't a chick, she is 3 months old."
Oh the reactions I get being she is only a little bigger than my hand and only 1.5 lbs.
She started off as a normal chick until she was about 4 weeks old, when I noticed my laced Cochin was surpassing her on size and my Cochin was younger. At that point I realized she was a runt and her digestive system wasn't fully "formed or mature". She started to become really lethargic and skinny so I had to bring her inside and baby her along. I almost lost her or on multiple occasions because she couldn't keep weight, but then I noticed her body was finally keeping weight by itself and she had an incredible amount of personality. On Monday I decided she was healthy and stable enough to return to the coop with the big girls
. She is so funny, she pushes the young hens around and is so bossy! Anyway she has been acting like a normal chicken and that she is the same size as everyone else. She has become more of a close pet than anything and I am happy to report she doing great and is as happy as can be.


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Aww....just adorable! Some chicks are slow to grow and gain weight. I have found some of my slow growers continue to grow and gain weight unto their second year of life! Size isn't always a factor as to bossiness either. Some of my most bossy hens were tiny as chicks and pullets!

Enjoy your cutie pie!!

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