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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by jgconnor, Sep 26, 2010.

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    Over the winter, I'll be building a coop and yard. Our night time lows in the dead of winter can get down to the single digit figures. What's the minimum temp that chickens can stand? I'm wondering if I need to wire my coop for a small heat source for the following winter.

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    Hi! I've seen you on a couple of other threads and haven't gotten to say [​IMG] yet. So, [​IMG] ! [​IMG]

    I don't live in super cold temperatures, but i do know that chickens do a good job of keeping themselves warm, as long as they have a draft free place to sleep. And the really big pain the tush in freezing temperatures - is frozen waterers.

    I would check out this long thread about just your subject.
    get lots of ideas from lots of different sources.

    Welcome again!
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    Quote:Depends on the breed of chicken. Some were bred for cold temps and are good to maybe -30*F, others not so much. Keeping the coop dry and ventilated without drafts is more important. If you want to supplement the heat it is OK. I'm in Seattle and temps here never go below zero, but I spoil my chickens and keep a small heater in there. I keep it at just above freezing.

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    You don't say what kind of chickens we are referring to but most will be just fine through the winter as long as they have a wide roost that they can sit on their feet and keep them warm in the extreme cold. Good ventilation is a must, without drafts of course. I would consider adding electric now because you may want to add a heater for the water or a fan in the summer to cool things down....good luck! And [​IMG]
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    It hits -20 here at least once most winters, and often is below zero at night for weeks on end, I don't add any heat, and the chickens seem fine.

    I check on them late at night, if you wiggle your finder in their feathers they are HOT. I do only have standard size chickens. They all line up together on the roost.

    They do have a draft free coop, and heated water.
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    I find my birds are more bothered by the heat than the cold. I also have winter hardy breeds (JGs, BRs, RIRs, EEs, BOs, GLWs, GSLs) because I knew they would have to routinely handle -10 to -25 degree temps in the winter for days to weeks on end. I don't have insulation in my coops and don't use supplemental heating or lights. As long as your coop has adequate ventilation (without drafts) and properly wide roosts then chickens can handle some pretty extreme temps.
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    Sep 5, 2013
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    I found a really cheap thermo switch on ebay that I will be testing out.
    It looks like you can get them at different temp settings and they are non-adjustable. This is what I'll be putting in my coop this winter. I'm in Colorado and will be hoping for the best.
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    On the MN prairie.
    I'm in MN, and the temps can get as cold as -20's to -30's for a few days at a time. I don't have an insulated coop, and I don't provide supplemental heat. I do have a heated water dish for them. The thing about providing supplemental heat is, they don't have a chance to acclimate to the cold. So if you're providing supplemental heat and your power goes out they don't have any natural protection. Just keep them well-ventilated and draft-free and they'll be fine.
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    I have a question...My 2 barred rock hens born in april have been outside since june..sleeping in the front corner of their enclosure....on the top of 3 stacked tables covered with a tarp...and although I have an aluminum shed where they go daily to lay their eggs they have not left the tarp covered outdoor tabless for sleeping....its getting to 21 degrees and I'm wondering why they never sleep in the shed which is warmer than the outdoor shelf...

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