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  1. countrygirl57

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    Jul 5, 2009
    yesterday a small mink got into our hens run. We usually have them free ranging, but for some reason or other, they never got let out.
    My queston:
    Are they any safer free roaming or in the pen? They sure made lots of noise to alert us.
    By the way, we scared the Mink away before any damage was done.

    I know he'll be back.
  2. LynneP

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    Yes, the mink is scouting your chickens and as a member of the weasel family he'll be back for supper, possibly with others. Mink require openings only slightly bigger than 1/2" to access a run or coop, so please use that as a guideline for sealing any gaps. Also check in tour lofts, if applicable, to see that this animal, possibly a female, is not making a winter nest, close to *um* food.

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