Mis Match Flock?


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Mar 8, 2010
I am just starting all this. My coop should be ready this weekend. Next week is spring break and I was going to start moving in some hens. My question is... I was offered some free 8 month old hens. they are not laying yet but i was told that once the weather warmed up they would. Im not sure of the breed yet. Well I also found some other hens on craigslist that i would like to get. Can I mix hens from different places? How would i introduce them? Do i need to spererate them? I want to get a few unique breeds to show at my county fair.


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Feb 2, 2009
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Great questions. Might I suggest you check out Buff's page? She discusses both quarantine and integration.

Buff Hooligan’s Adding to your flock

Once you get them you can post pictures and someone on here will be able to tell you the breeds. Here's a link for posting pictures.

How to post pictures/avatar

If you want to show chickens at the county fair, you should check up on what the requirements are. You may need certain vaccinations or inspections before you can bring chickens. Your county extension agent, in the phone book under county government, should be able to put you in touch with someone who can help with this.

If you show chickens, you will possibly expose yours to diseases and parasites they might not be exposed to if you kept a small flock at home. Biosecurity becomes more of a concern. I suggest this as a subject of the conversation when you are talking to someone that knows about this. You may want more than the minimum required vaccinations to better protect your flock.

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