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Mar 25, 2014
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So not too long ago I realized my flock had a problem with egg eating. Fixed that with some roll out nesting boxes. But now this showed me a new problem. The chicken whom I suspect to be the most aggressive egg eater (a beautiful Easter Egger named "River") is separating her self from the rest of the flock.

Before the roll out nesting boxes, I caught her pecking at her sisters eggs twice in the same day. She rarely goes into the nesting boxes UNLESS another chicken is in there laying an egg. And then she just stands over the chicken waiting for her to finish so she can go after the egg.

Let it never be said that chickens aren't smart...

But now I notice that she tends keep away from the other girls. If they are in one end of the yard, she is in another.

Does this have anything to do with her egg eating?

Is she plotting to kill the others?

Does she know I plan to eat her?



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It most likely has nothing to do with the egg eating.

She may be planning a coup against you for removing her egg source.

If she knows that you are planning to eat her, she is definitely planning to attack.


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Apr 15, 2014
Sometimes chickens are wierd. It all depends where everyone is in the pecking order. Usually the ones at the bottom are the ones that drift off.
You never know- maybe one chicken finally had enough with River and taught her a lesson to not mess with her eggs!

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