MISS PRISSY Hatching goose eggs...ANY HELP

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  1. Hi. It is my first time hatching goose eggs, usually I let the mothers hatch the eggs herself. :DThey are Toulouse geese. How long does it take for them to hatch? What should the humidity be during incubation and during hatching? Also, should I spray the egg each day with warm water? I read that I should spray the egg every day from day 4-27 and leave the cover off the incubator and let the egg cool for 15 min. How do you hatch your goose eggs?
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    MissPrissy will surely respond on the best way to do it. She mentioned some of the same things you are with the letting the egg cool down and spray with water. let's see what she says.
  3. ok. ill be waiting for her answer
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    I would also love to hear the answers to those questions. I am in the process of purchasing an incubator to hatch goose eggs. My geese are laying eggs like crazy. It's too many for them to sit on. I am very interested in learning as much as I can before I get my incubator.
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    I had posted a link and let me find it to post. I am sure it can help a great deal.
  6. BUMP
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    Sorry! I just saw this.

    Here is what I did -

    Day 1 - 4 do not touch them. Humidity 65%. temp 99.5 in circulated air incubator.

    Day 4 - candle them because I cannot stand it any more (LOL)

    Every day from Day 4-26 - 15 min cool down, spray with warm water, turn 5 times a day, candle them at night when I open the baor for the cool down.

    Day 27 - hatch - Stop turning. Continue to cool down and spray eggs. Raise humidity to 85%. wait and chew nails and worry and wonder.

    Pip - Do NOT open the bator. Wait. Wait. Wait.

    They can go 28 - 35 days before an actual hatch happens.

    I hope this helps.

    I have duck eggs going now - Day 5.
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    I treated mine goose eggs just like the chickens. I have three sebs walking around the brooder right now and a Buff American pipped and hatching. I have heard about the spraying and cooling off, but always forget [​IMG]

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