MIssing 5 week old chick found, but now unsteady on feet!


9 Years
Jan 2, 2011
2 of my 5 week old chicks went missing early yesterday when my son left the pool shed door open. Luckily its warmer now but rainy. I found him under our pool heater this morning. He's my fave. He looks a little muddy but no worse for wear. But he's unsteady on his feet. He eats and drinks fine but occasionally falls over and isn't as vigorous as the the others. Yesterday he was my most robust baby. Could he have gotten too cold and just needs to warm up? Is it shock? or is it something else that just happened to coincide with his disappearance? What should I do? I am still missing one chick...this one has disappeared more times than I can count. Loves to dart out the door when its open. I usually find him by the end of the day but last night we went to a halloween party for my husbands command and I didn't get home til late. Couldn't find him in the rain and dark. Hope I find him again. I think if I find him, i'm naming him Missing.

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