Missing Buff Orp Btm found!


10 Years
Jan 25, 2010
Monticello, Arkansas
Was talking with Roy Autry this morning. Seems they 'lost" a Buff Orpington Bantam pullet at the Arkansas State Fair this weekend.

We found her....in OUR coop!

My kids did not listen to my directions. I always compare the bird's leg band # with the coop card and the exhibitor #. My Orpington bantams start with leg band #5 and end with #12. Seems we have a lovely little Buff Orp gal with a #75. Roy said to just bring her to Shawnee and not to scold the kids.

Anyone else ever get home with the wrong bird?

This is my first and hopefully last!

Kalee....we will take good care of her until she gets back home. What is her name? i will have Nicole talk to her everyday so she doesn't get lonely for you!

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