Missing chest feathers


Mar 24, 2020
I'm not totally sure if this is where i should pay this. But my cinnamon queen had been loosing chest feathers. I think she's doing it to get self. I woke up to a handful on the ground in the run this morning. I'm just curious as to why she would be doing this. There's no mites or anything I've checked her several times. No change in food. I thought maybe a protein deficiency. I'm just not sure. Any words of wisdom?? Here's some pics.
Wow i did not know that. She's still laying but she hasn't stayed on any eggs.
It’s very rare for a Cinnamon Queen to go broody; they are a high production hybrid sex linked breed that has basically had that instinct bred out of them.... but anything is possible. I’d say it’s more likely that there is a protein deficiency, esp with it being winter and needing the extra protein to stay warm. Feathers are made of 100% protein. I would offer more protein (healthy protein) and see if this stops the problem. Feed them an all flock raiser (20% protein) and give free choice oyster shells on the side for calcium supplementation.
You’ll know if she’s broody bc she won’t leave the nest except for once or twice a day, and will hiss and complain if you come too close. I highly doubt that’s the case with this breed.
Thank you. I gave them some fish today and black oil sunflower seeds. I'm gong to google done all flock raiser.

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