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Apr 23, 2019
Hello everyone for the past month and a half iv been having an issue with my ducks disappearing at night. If i close their pin their fine and will be fine as long as i dont forget. As soon as i do forget i lose a duck and it never fails. All that is found the next morn is a few feathers leading to the forest. I set a camera but nothing shows when the pin is closed. Its like what ever is doing this will not even attempt to get close if the pins closed. I have a large coyote trap that iv been setting with a live duck in the back in a smaller cage at night but nothing will come to it on cam. I am really starting to lose hope i dont know what else to do. I would hunt it at night but have no clue on how to go about that. Also i would set snares and other traps but i have kittens that explore so. Any ideas on what this could be and any ideas on how to get rid of it?? I had 8 ducks now only 2. It only grabs one a night.
Move your camera. I have several and do move some around.
IMAG000297 08.jpg
DSCF0003112019 04.jpg

I had a fox problem. I set a couple of live traps and let the fox take some bait for a few days and then set the traps and caught the fox.
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