Missing feathers and spots on comb

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    My rooster and a couple of hens have spots on their body where the feathers are completely gone. It looks like the feathers were plucked away in about a 2 x 2 area and you can see the skin which looks pretty bad. I have cleaned out all of the bedding from the coop and sprayed something that I got from the feed store that is for the bird and coop to kill mites. What else could this be and what should I do.

    Also, my rooster has a black circle on his comb. I have looked at pics on the interned and books to see if I can figure out what this may be but it looks just like and nothing like all of the things that I see. Does anyone have any ideas of some trouble shooting ideas that I might can try?

    Otherwise the roosters and hens seem to act fine, they eat everything that I put down for them, they are kept up out of the weather good and seem healthy but I am pretty amateur at the chicken game. This is my second batch.

    Can someone offer any ideas? THanks
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    It's hard to guess without pics, ages, your general location (for season and climate,) the number in your flock, diet, the amount of space they have, and perhaps other information. Lice / mites are hard to see, and this is one possibility. If this is the cause, you'll need to retreat in 10 days plus clean the coop. Overmating is a possibility, as is feather picking by others. I'm sure there are other possibilities.

    Here is some reference material on lice/mites:


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