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    Hi -Not sure if this post belongs in this catergory or not but, here goes. I have 2 maran roo's who are jumping every female in the pen.The females are all bare on their backs and their skin is to the point of being red.Some are missing feathers on their heads.I have been putting a&d ointment along with neospirin to help with the feather loss and prevent disease.But, how do I get the roo's to stop being so brutal short of repenning (seperating) them.Someone recommended hen skirts but, I think they might look foolish.Anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions? I would like to try to mate my maran.I do Have 1 female.How would I do that won't the male I don't use get jealous? Really now I more concerned with the hens bare backs,disease and sunburn.Any ideas welcome.

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    How many hens to your roos?

    How many chickens in what size pen? Do hens have a "break," or way to escape?

    Are your roos hurting the hens (roughing them up, drawing blood), or are they just doing their normal treading/grabbing the back of the head mating activity? Flapping and squawking are all part of the process, and bare backs are pretty common for frequently-mated hens (thus, chicken saddles).... However, if there is deliberate physical harm coming 'round that changes the picture. Mean roos are not a good part of a breeding program, and you certainly don't want to reproduce individuals who are excessively violent by nature.

    And . . . some breeders alternate days they turn out hens and roosters together so the hens get a break, with no drop in fertility. Remember a hen will continue to produce fertile eggs for several days after mating. Just how many days is a matter of contention, but you should be quite safe with an every-other-day or every-third-day turn out together.

    And finally - - I don't think hens worry about looking foolish. They have very strong self images, and most do not watch TV or Hollywood movies. [​IMG]

    Good luck, and please keep us posted.
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    Thanks, No the roo's aren't drawing blood or being overly aggressive just being males.... continually at the females.The hens feathers have worn away so I was concerned with the summer sun coming. A every other day turn out sounds like it will workgood and so will seperate turn out areas so klong as their instincts aren't as strong as the ducks were!.Had thought of that but, didn't want to go there if I didn't have to.THanks again this helps alot

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