Missing Nancy!!!!!!

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    Nov 9, 2008
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    Hi there keepers, well grave news I fear, Nancy has gone it seems, she has not return to the coop now for two nights, she came back breifly the first day, but no sign of her at all yesterday, she didn’t leave a note or forwarding address, quiet rude. It has been suggested to me that she has gone broody, however she wasn’t laying before hand, infact as far as I’m aware she has only ever layed 1 egg while she has been in our keeping. Is it possible that she is starting to lay , but wants to do that away from the others?
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    She might have been laying all along and hiding them. I hope she returns, but she could have written!
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    If she is brooding somewhere she may be back tomorrow or the next day. My chooks will take a few days to get really downright broody but once they are may stay on the nest two days or more before getting off for a quick break. Try keeping an eye on her if she shows up to eat( she won't stay long if she's brooding ) and try following her back to her nesting sight. Hope she comes back!
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