Missi's Hens and Rooster


Jan 9, 2016
Hi my name is Missi and my family and I started our chicken family last April when 6 baby chicks came to live with us. I have spoiled them rotten. They are like family.
A good start to an evil chicken empire. :)

The ones you raise are always best and raised together chooks get along with each other the best too.
Welcome to BYC
Chicks raised with a family can quickly become part of the family!
Thank you everyone. I do have a problem with my rooster. He got frostbite on his watddles. I talked to a vet and they told me to put bag balm on them and keep him warm. It's been 4 days and it finally looks like it is less swollen. Thank goodness. I bring him in and put it on and cuddle him to let him know that he's ok. Does anyone have any ideas?
Hi Missi, Welcome to Backyard chickens. You may want to coat his comb and wattles with Vaseline when he will be outside . Also you need to be sure your coop is draft free, yet has sufficient ventilation . around the top of the coop so it doesn't blow on the birds themselves.

You could put "Frostbite," in the searchbox to learn more and also "coop ventilation."
I never use or recommend vaseline because it is a petroleum product, and therefor like all petroleum products, it's carcinogenic. Regular human lip balms are fine, or you could even make your own and freak out your friends by telling them that both you and your chooks use it. There are a lot of recipes on the net for natural lip balm, many are 50 / 50 beeswax and oil such as virgin olive oil. Neither one causes cancer and they are safe to eat (yuk!) you can add a drop of fragrant oil too.

I'm not going out on a limb and saying that the eggs you get from the chickens will cause cancer as the vaseline rubs off him onto her or anything like that. I'm not saying that, all I am saying is that there is no iron clad necessity to use petroleum products instead of better natural products which cannot cause cancer. ( Queue hysterical newcomers who will attest that water and air cause cancer and everyone is going to die anyway )

Banned in products in the EU

Breast cancer and impurities. EWG's assessment of product ingredient labels and data on cancer-causing chemicals identified three common impurities in personal care products that are linked to mammary tumors in animal studies — ethylene oxide, PAHs, and 1,3-butadiene.
The ingredients for which these impurities are of concern are used in one of every four personal care products on the market.
Among girls born today, one in eight is expected to get breast cancer and one in 30 is expected to die from it (NCI 1996, 1997, 2000). A review by scientists from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory shows that as many as one of every five chemical carcinogens causes mammary tumors in laboratory studies, indicating that the breast is more sensitive to carcinogens than almost any other tissue in the body (Gold et al. 1991). EWG's identification of three impurities linked to breast cancer does not represent a full accounting of possible mammary carcinogens in personal care products. Instead, it is a partial accounting based on the National Toxicology Program's assessment of mammary carcinogens (NTP 2000) and other sources in the peer-reviewed literature. Further study would likely identify additional ingredients in personal care products that raise concerns with respect to breast cancer.
PAHs, or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, are common contaminants in petrolatum, also called petroleum jelly and sold under well-known brand names like Vaseline. Petrolatum is found in one of every 14 products on the market (7.1 percent of the products assessed by EWG), including 15 percent of all lipstick and 40 percent of al baby lotions and oils. FDA restricts petrolatum in food to no more than 10 parts per million, and requires petrolatum used in food packaging or drugs to meet impurity restrictions for PAHs (21 CFR 178, 21 CFR 172.880).
But the agency allows any amount of petrolatum of any purity in personal care products, many of which are applied directly to the lips and swallowed.
Manufacturers would find no legal impediments to using the same unregulated petrolatum in personal care products as can be used in shoe polish.

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