Mistakes leads to loss- hard lessons learned......


Jan 1, 2019
@YodaBat texted me today while I was in town.. our dog got into the duck house and ate 3 eggs that Goldie was sitting on....My heart sank- she is only a week away from hatching! Damn! so much success and now this! and MY fault- @YodaBat told me to better secure that door-

Damn it! 3 potential lives gone-

I knew that Denver (the dog) was interested in those eggs- I knew that little latch was not adequate.

Thankfully Denver did NOT hurt the ducks and Goldie is back on he nest- we still have 9 eggs 8 days or so from Hatching...
2019-08-30 (1).jpeg
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Yes, I get the same way wanting to blame skye when she hurt beedee and speedy, but I really had no one to blame but myself. At least they survived it and are doing well.

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