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Nov 3, 2009
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Any suggestions on how to tame down the mite problem on quail? They've got'em, and when I remove the sand box to replenish the sand, the bottom of the box is alive and well with mites. Yes, the "dusting" helps, but I want to rid them if possible. My hands get blessed with them when I pick the grown birds up to move them.
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shake and bake!

take a paper bag or olf feed sack.... insert a bird and lightly sprinkle with 7 dust close the bag and gently shake for a few moments ---- if the bird comes out dizzy, surprized, and looking like a quail version of casper the friendly ghost your work is done
may need a repeat in 7-10 days or so, possibly additional treatments until all mites have been killed off.... are they on the ground? Cause I've never had a mite problem with my birds but they are all in elevated cages... from the sounds of your infestation you'll likely need to remove all birds and treat at the same time and treat their housing/ pens all at once with repeat treatments forth coming in a week or so when new mites hatch. i recomend permethrin premises spray and maybe a good old fashioned bleach bath afterwards? sounds like a logistical nightmare in the works
JJ, my pens are off the ground with 1/2" wire bottoms. So the Sevin Dust is OK to use on them? (5% Sevin Dust?????) And what about putting it in their sandbox? I know when I replenish their sand, they enjoy ingesting it about as much as bathing in it. Is this safe??
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You can put it in their sand box, it shouldn't hurt them. You can also get food-grade DE to put in their sand box, the DE cuts the shells of the mites and kills them.
does anyone else use wood ash or is that just an old country thing I had an aunt used to do it for chickens I had salve once that had sodium hydroxide in it maybe it was potassium hydroxide but it worked and I figgered if it healed cured me( jungle rot/athletes foot) here where I live is 70% ++ R.H then it would,n t hurt birds ?
I have an ash pit for my chickens, they love it. It makes all your light colored birds look blue but it seems to work very well. I have added some permethrin dust to it for good measure in the past but it is mostly ash.
Maybe that's why my birds raid the fire pit from time to time to nibble char of the burned wood (brickets). I use DE in their nest boxes, too. Quess I'll do the same for my new quail later on.

Thanks for the info all.
Off The Ground... Where Did The Mites Come From? Never Had Problems With Birds Off The Ground. Have Brought In 1 Or 2 That Had Mites--- But I Use Strict Isolation Here, Everybody Not Hatched Here Goes Into Quarentine For At Least 3 Weeks And Gets Thourough Inspections Every 3 Days And Treated For Any Malladies. They Stay Quarentined Until Clear For 2 Weeks. So I Havent Had Any Problems Other Than Purchased Problems

Have Treated Mites, Scaley Feet, And Stick Fleas, In The Past. All Seem To Clear Up Quick With Intervention. Vetrx For The Scaleys, Permethrin For Fleas, And Seven Dust For Lice/ Mites Has Worked Well With No Ill Effects For Me. I Expect The Dusting Bath Is Your Transmission Point--- 1 Bird Had Them And Since They All Share The Dusting Bath Has Transmitted Them To Your Whole Covey. I Would Shake N Bake Everybody And Discontinue The Dust Bath Until They're All Clear Of Mites For At Least 2 Weeks. Also Check Your Dust Bath Source And Make Sure Your Not Bring The Mites To The Covey With Your Sand In The Dust Bath...
I Should Note Here.... This Will Take Repeat Treatments And Time.... Most Lice/mites Have Incubation Period Of 7 To 10 Days For Eggs To Hatch And Become New Batch Of Mites.... So Watch For Reoccurances And Keep Them On A Strict Treatment Schedule Of 12 To 14 Days.
I think I'm gonna try the Sevin in their sand box first. Again, knowing they would be ingesting the Sevin with the sand gives me the hibbie-jibbies!!! But, if yall say it's OK, .............

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