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Jul 18, 2011
I need help. I believe that I have a mite infestation in my chicken coop. A few of my girls dont have any feathers around their vent area. I have also seen a drop in egg production lately. I was just wondering if anyone has any advice on treating chickens for the mites. I was also wondering now that my chickens have mites if the mites can be transferred to my dog and my cat? And if it could cause an infestation in my house? My dog has been scratching and licking himself lately.... Im feeling extremely discourage because I have read on the internet that mites can infest your house! Any advice?
Cats, dogs and people are not hosts for most type of mites / lice, but I believe there's one type that can do this. Mostly, they'll jump on you but can't live on you.

Dust the chickens with Sevin, repeat in 10-14 days for the hatched eggs. Clean coop and dust. Here you go:
you need to clean and treat the coop urgently if you get a bad enough infestation it can actually kill your hens. Clean out the coop completely blast in all the cracks with a power washer if you have one and then spray with an anti mite spray in all the cracks. Not sure what you use in the US be we have several different ones Smite or Poultry Sheild. When the house dries out put diatom all over the perches and bedding. Treat exactally the same one week later as the eggs of the mites will have hatched by then. In the meantime treat your hens with a spot on anti parasite to protect them from the mites. Feed them meal worms or similar high protien food to help with the blood lose they have from these mites sucking their blood. Good luck once the blighters get hold they are a nightmare to get rid of.

Seven Dust (for coop & birds)

Ivermectin - cattle wormer (given topically 1/4cc bantams - 1/2cc large fowl)

Adams Flea spray (topically @ vent & under wings & coop)

Good Luck!!

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