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Jul 4, 2010
Hi everyone,

I have just finished using my king Suro incubator today, and washed it with anti-bacterial soap and mild water. Later today, I placed another egg in the incubator and started using it again. A while after operation, I noticed what appears to be mites or lice crawling on the outside of the incubaor, where it is warm. Thy look like small, brown bugs, very tiny like ground black pepper. Sprayed with anti-mites\\lice aerosol on the outside of the incubator, but still find some of these small things crawling on the exterior. I did not notice them when I first used the incubator in the past 18 days. I also sprayed my birds which reside in the same room as the bator and brooder: 2 canaries and 6 coturnix quail.

What kind of bugs might I be dealing with? Is there a simple solution to the problem? I do not have access to different medicine against mites as private use\\purchase of these kind is prohibited where I live. Also, I have a small chick in a brooder in the same room at present, and fear these creatures might harm it
what can I do to secure it againt these creatures? The brooder is a plastic box with Brinsea EcoGlow in it, with a bath towel at the bottom.

Your advice will be appreciated!
It seems that a permetherin based insect spray on the bator should work. Although I have heard you can spray adult chickens directly with this ingredient, I am not sure about chicks. You could use DE in the bedding.

What does DE stand for? I will make sure to look for some spray with the component you've mentioned. After spraying the bator from the outside yesterday, I noticed the bugs didn't completely disappear, and am worried about it.

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