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    Apr 4, 2018
    how do chickens get mites? And how do I prevent my chickens from getting them?

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    They pick up mites from carriers such as wild birds and rodents, especially rats. Abandoned birds nests can infect your coop if they are close by as the mites that get left behind go searching for a feed.

    Regular checks of the coop (especially under the roosting bars) can prevent an outbreak and ensuring your birds have good dust bathing facilities. Mine love rolling in peat moss.
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    This is one of those "Ew" things that people don't consider when they say "I want to get chickens". Same thing with worms. A couple of summers ago we all in my area got mites in our coops, you just clean out, treat them and move on. I think I used sevin but very very careful not to broadcast it in the area around the coop. I just used it on the birds and in the nesting area. It's very toxic to bees. I put some powder in a knee high stocking, put the chicken in a Box and dusted them well, getting the nooks and crannies.
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