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Apr 18, 2010
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I noticed my chickens (most of them at least) "scratching" themselves constantly. While I was out in the coop, I saw very very small bugs crawling on the wall near a nest that a new mom uses on the floor. The bugs were even crawling on my arm when I set it on the floor to steady myself. I'm assuming they're mites. But you know what assuming does....

I tried looking up what I could about mites. I see that they can be treated with DE, poultry dust, citrus oil on the roost and/or seven dust. Seven dust will be last resort. I have a little DE on hand but not enough to cover the whole coop. I could treat the nests. As it's Sunday AND Memorial Day weekend, I can't run out and buy what I don't have. I DO have citronella essential oil and Pledge Revitalizing orange oil furniture polish. Could I use either of those to treat the wood?

I read that you can eat the eggs after treating with all these products. My question is will it hurt the babies? I have a 6 week old, 5 week old, a 4.5 old (has only one eye, in a pen on the floor by herself) and five 3 week olds. I also have a broody sitting on 2 eggs.

Thanks for looking. And any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I use adams flea and tick spray for treating mites. I clean everything from the coop- all shavings including nest boxes- then I burn it. Then soak the entire coop- concentrating on roost bars, boxes and any cracks and crevices. Spray the birds as well, just be careful around the eyes. Repeat the process in 2 weeks. I had mites something awful last year and it took me forever to get rid of them. So now I treat the coop as a preventative everytime I clean it- yep, we're not doing the mite infestation thing again. Good luck!
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DE does not do a thing so dont waist your time. Adams is good, I use seven too and a few other things. If you have an infestation in the birds you might have to dip them. Check for scabs on the belly or if you have crested -check the heads. Its a common thing to get mites.
Thanks guys. I have 18 BO hens, 1 RIR rooster. All babies are cross between the two. I will check for scabs. I think I can get the Adams stuff from Wal-Mart..... Dangit, I just cleaned the place
I don't think I have enough pine shavings to cover the floor again. I could get some hay from my neighbor probably..... Just talkin to myself......

Will this flea stuff hurt the babies?

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