9 Years
May 13, 2010
My question is this, I have a broody sitting on eggs that are hatching (she's hatched out one already). There are mites EVERYWHERE!!! She's NOT in the coop. She's under a lawn mower. How do I treat this and keep the babies safe too?
Dust your hen. We had a terrible flea problem when we moved and then we imported lice. I grabbed my broodies and dusted them thoroughly. They didn't pass any on to the chicks. Good luck!
Ugh, I feel your pain. I had a terrible mite infestation two years ago and I had to treat every hen and burn all of the litter/grass hay in the entire coop. You are right to be concerned about the health of the chicks as mites can kill. First I would move the entire brood to a mite free area immediately then commence with treatment. I didn't have chicks to deal with during my infestation with Northern Fowl Mites...only mature hens so I hope someone will chime in here to help with chick advice. I used permethrin as mentioned in the article and it worked like a charm. The permethrin was already at a concentration that was approved for poultry. I did come across these resources that you may want to check out.

I also noticed in another post on BYC that someone suggested the following:
Mites will kill chicks if not taken care of asap. Cut the foot off an old pany hose or knee high and put Sevin dust in it. Gently pat it all over the chicks being careful not to get it in their eyes, nose or mouth. The area they are will also have to be cleaned out and dusted. Repeat in 10 days. Diatomaceous Earth will not kill mites/lice or worms.

Good Luck!

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Thanks!!! Just got back from town with some dust. Took it out and put some in my hand (had gloves on) and rubbed some on her. She has two new babies under her. They're still wet or I would've taken them. I have one in the house right now. She has laid them under a lawn mower in the yard. Afraid that the strange cat roaming around might get them so I'm planning on bringing them in. Haven't had babies around for awhile, and this would be the first time I've had a broodie hatch and KEEP them alive! Total right now that I can tell, is 3!!
The stuff I got seems to have worked for the most part. Total number of chicks is 6. One is under her and the other 5 are in the house. Trying to figure out the best time to reintroduce them. Any ideas?
We had chicks hatch in a haystack, they had mites crawling on them. We didn't treat them, though, and they just seemed to go away. Weird.
How are they doing now? I agree with Calicokat that it would be best to put them under the mother hen at night. Did you also treat the mother hen for mites?
Mites are gone.We brought mom in the house the other day to see what she would do with them. She pecked them a little and made some chirping noise and one by one they went under her!!!! She's a protective mom!!! Have them in a box in the house and she hops out to go outside to go to the bathroom and then makes some noises and in she comes.. My DH has her VERY spoiled.

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