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    Mix and Match to make your custom order!

    Buy eggs per egg. I will list # of eggs I have available for you to choose from. Take a couple, or take them all!! [​IMG]

    Shipping on 6 eggs or less $10. (medium priority box with d/c #)
    Shipping on over 6 eggs $15. (12x12x8 box with d/c #)

    Eggs will be 4 days old or less when shipped. (updated 4/23 12pm)

    $2 / BLRW- 8

    $2 / Orpington- 5

    $3.50 / Turkey- 1 Taken on 4/23!

    $1/ Olive eggers- 8

    Please understand that hatching eggs are a risk. I package all eggs the way I would want to recieve them in the mail. As well as they are packed, I still cannot guarantee how well they will hatch after the rough handling of the USPS... Shipping to 'non-red tape' /lower 48 states only.

    To order or if you have any questions please reply here.

    BLRW- black laced roo over 3 blue laced and 1 splash hen.
    My birds came from various breeders with 'show quality' stock.

    Orps- Lavender roo over blue and black hens.

    Palms- Blue tom over lavendar and black palm hens.
    These guys were bought from Porters last fall.
    Sorry about the tom's tail feathers...the lavender hen thinks they are yummy!
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