Mix and match your hatching eggs! Silkies, bantams, and more!

Wild Claws

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May 5, 2022
Hello everyone! We are located in Harrison AR.
We have some hatching eggs for sale. All of our chickens are pure bred unless otherwise stated as barnyard mix. We have the following:

*Buff orphington eggs (limited)
*Mille Fluer D'uccle eggs $1.50
*Old English game bantam eggs(limited) $1.50
**Black Jersey giant eggs
*Red Silkies eggs $1.50
* Blue laced red wyandotte eggs (limited) $2
*Quail eggs (barnyard mix)
NEW* Lavender Orphington $1 (My hens just started laying so we are limited on there eggs!)
NEW* Colored Silkie $1.50 (limited) ( Roosters are a splash and a lavender/blue. Hens are black with gold streaks, black with a metallic green shimmer to there feathers, and a lavender/blue)
**We bought our black jersey giants from a hatchery and a breeder but they look more like Black Australorps to me.

We will have more breeds coming soon. Just pick what breeds you want and how many eggs of that breed and we will get it ready for you. The eggs are sold by the dozen, $15 for 1 dozen and 2 dozen or more $12 per dozen. If you do not want a dozen of eggs it will be a $2 per egg. We cannot guarantee 100% hatch ability but our eggs are not older than 10 days. They are stored in a dark place and are not washed.
Thanks for looking! Just message me if your interested in some and we can meet.
* At this time we cannot ship eggs. Sorry for the inconvenience.
We also don't have 10-20 chickens of each breed so all eggs are limited.
Here are a few members of our small family farm 😊


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