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I've got month old chicks, year old hens and bobwhite quail chicks. Is there any feed I can give all of them instead of buying different bags of feed? I'm trying to save a little bit of $$$

I was checking out the Purina Sunfresh Flock Raiser. Would that work for all of them? It's either 20 or 22% protein. I always supplement my layers with free access to calcium, grit and I grind up egg shells and put in all the treets and scratch they get.

Whatcha think?
To my understanding, flock raisers are 16? But of course you'll know best what you can buy!

The hens and the young birds can do just fine on flock raiser together with the free choice oyster shell provided for the girls.

However, I thought quail and other game birds needed closer to 30% protein?
Easy: the quail have the highest requirements for protein

Buy game bird feed and feed it to all.

or cheaper: non med turkey starter (or game bird feed) mixed w cracked corn. cracked corn is cheap (relatively) and this mix was used for years before
feed companies made game bird feed

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