Mixed 2 Banty's with my 3 Black Australops


10 Years
Sep 24, 2009
Tonight will be the 3rd night, I brought home 2 banty's there all the same age (and size) as my australops and there on top of my hen house and won't come down pretty much (they will take water from me if I hold it up), when I first added them they attacked my other 3 girls then finally I saw my girls picking on them, I don't even think there going into the house at night what should I do, I've hung food and some water at the top but i'm worried will they ever go in or do they just like sitting so high on the coop? The BAnty's look almost identical to my austrolops but no red to there crowns. Please help
I"m so worried that they will never go into the hen house i'm hoping this will pass I have them in it now with my other 3 locked out oh what to do.

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