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    I have 2 1 1/2 year old RIR hens, 1 18 week old RIR hen, 2 15 week old RIR hens, and 1 15 week old RIR Roo. 6 chickens in all. Is starter crumbles alright for all 6 right now. What else, other than fresh greens, do they need. New to this. Just got the 2 older hens, ready to lay. Thanks leilani.
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    Starter is usually just for very young birds especially if it is medicated.

    For your mixed flock I would feed a non-medicated grower or flock raiser. Your older laying hens will need calcium. You can buy a bag of oyster shell at any feed store. Just keep this on the side. This way the birds that need calcium get it but your young birds won't eat it. Do not switch to a layer feed until ALL of your birds are laying.

    If your chickens are cooped up all day they will need grit. If they are out in the yard they will find it themselves and you do not need to serve it.

    Greens are great. I also feed a lot of table scraps: veggies, fruits, whole grains and meats. Meal worms are also a great snack if you are looking for more. Here is a good resource:

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    Thank you for the info. I crunch up roasted meal worms in with plain yogurt they all love it. The 2 new older hens never had anything like it. They were gotten at an Amish farm. They never had it so good. LOL thanks again, leilani

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