Mixed breed duck eggs in the incubator


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Aug 26, 2007
Ok, so I am new to this. I may not have been very wise, but I wanted to try to hatch some duck eggs. The eggs I have are of mixed breeds, possibly have some muscovy/ ruoen in them. Of course, I do not know which eggs are which so it is a real gamble. Muscovy eggs take longer so I am not sure when to stop turning them. I am candling and it's obvious which eggs are further along in development. I started with 12 , but one did not even begin to develop so that one has been tossed. Anyone have any experience doing something crazy like this?
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I'm not sure how mule eggs work..If the Rouen laid them would they still take 35 days? If anyone knows please post!

I also have some Mutt eggs under a hen, theyre due soon though and not mules.
I do remember reading about incubation times of scovies crosses..... I will have a search through my files and paperwork and see if I can find it again..The question raised was about if there was a diffenrce depending on wether mum or dad was the scovie...it was an interesting read.
OK..So I still have heaps to look through..But at the moment I have found a different article to the one I was thinking of. Its states the incubation time for cross bred eggs is 32 days. I will keep looking.....

This site states that there is a difference in incubating times... states that breeding a Muscovy drake to a Mallard Derivatives duck results in eggs that
require approximately 28 days to hatch. BUt that using a MD drake over a Muscovy duck willl take 35 days incubation..
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