Mixed Breeding?

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    Jan 9, 2014
    Am planning on 7-8 birds here soon. Will have a hen-house built and a decent run area. Things are going well now but as everyone knows times can change for the worst so I am setting up to be able to get a rooster if I need to to have a supply for meat if needbe. Will roosters only mate with their variety or will they mix and match and is that good or bad for offspring? Don't want messed up chicks if they won't be healthy or whatever due to cross breeding varieties.

    Clearly I know nothing but am looking to learn. For what it's worth meat production is a last resort type of thing. Won't do it unless I have to.
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    Roosters are not picky, if it is a hen they will mate with her. Cross breeding is very possible and usually will create a stronger animal. This phenomenon is known in many industries as hybrid vigor.

    Meat birds started out as a cross between a cornish and a white rock. Now they have been selectively bred for many years but the principal remains. Another such cross is the Austrawhite which is a australorp crossed with a leghorn giving you a white egglayer that is generally less flighty and a little "meatier" As with any cross the outcome is not guaranteed but the chicks will be viable and should fill your needs. Good Luck!!

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