mixed coop help:)


6 Years
Aug 29, 2013
Winter Haven Fl
How big should my coop be for 3 silkies and 2 ameraucanas. So far I have designed a coop that is 3x4 with one or two nesting boxes(leaning on probably just1) and a run underneath that is also 3x4 they will be free range as ofte as possible(im a stay at home mommy) do you guys think this will work. These will be my first chickens on my own. I live in central florida. Thanks in advanced
I would want a 6x 10 run for them, but otherwise think it sounds great.

The only question is if the Ameraucanas would beat up the silkies. So maybe set it up so that there are two separate perches, waterers and feeders.

Florida means lots of predators and lots of heat, and maybe lots of rain.

So, I would spend extra time making sure that it was all predator proof, have at least part of the run covered from rain, and have the coop part mostly open wire, just set up so that the rain doesn't blow in on the perches, nest boxes, or food.
Yeah thats why im making a 6x6 attachable run just in case I have to go out. I ended up getting easter eggers and im getting the silkies this weekend after my coop is finished:). Im puting vents at both ends 6"x3' running across the top and I will have a good size overhang on th roof. I will also add a window on the side opposite to the acess cleaning door. I will take a picture when its all done

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