Mixed Flock or Not?


7 Years
Oct 2, 2012
East Cincinnati Ohio
I've been reading chicken catalogs in anticipation of our first order this spring. I read the behaviors of chickens. Reading all the reviews here in BYC.

What do you think? A mixed flock or a single breed and why?
I think it was good for me to get multiple breeds when I got my first hatchery chicks. I couldn't decide on which breeds, so I read about behaviour, size, egg color, and ability to forage for food. After awhile I decided what breeds suited my setup and now I pretty much know what I like. Unfortunately, I got too many chickens. Several times I have given away extra chicks, hens, and young roosters to lessen my flock. Personally, I would read the descriptions of some of the larger hatcheries (Meyer Hatchery in Ohio, Murray McMurray in Iowa, Cackle and Ideal in Texas) and find out what you like. Smaller hatcheries have more of the common breeds--Mt. Healthy near you is convenient and you could just pick them up which is much easier on the chicks. Don't have any shipped too early in the season because of cold stress, and be sure to order early (before Christmas) so that you will get what you want before the rarer breeds are sold out. Local feed stores are also good for starting out with a few chicks at a time.
You make some good points. It isn't like I only have one chance on getting this right!

We've been thinking about a mix from Meyer but we were going to "make a day of it" and drive up to get the girls.
It is good to have variety, it doesn't hurt anything, I don't personally have any idea why I like mixed flocks I think I just like the different colours, sizes, and feathering. Just having one breed is kind of boring to me! I think I really just comes down to personal opinion in the end though!
I chose a mixed flock for variety in eggs and so you can decide which breed you like best!
I agree, I sell a lot of chicks and nearly everyone wants a variety of breeds for their backyard flock..It just makes for a gorgeous flock and different colored eggs for their baskets...

I have a mixed flock, Started with one one breed and have "branched out". My last two orders were from Meyer, and have one due next week also, they are a good hatchery. Good luck with the new chicks. Make sure you check the hatch dates on the chicks you want. know right now they do have some limited availability.

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