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    Jun 23, 2009
    Thorn Hill, TN
    I have been considering building an aviary in my back yard. In my mind it would be a combination garden and bird habitat. I am thinking of using a greenhouse frame and covering it with aviary netting. It would be approximately 24' by 36'.

    Bird wise I am considering something along the lines of a pair or trio of pheasants (silvers, perhaps), a pair or trio of chukar, a pair of doves and maybe a pair or trio of blue scale quail.

    That being said, I know nothing about raising any of these birds. So, my first question is, are any of these species incompatable? Second, I live in East Tennessee, are any of these species incompatable with the climate here? Will the dimensions I mentioned by adequate for this number of birds or do I need to scale back my plans?

    I look forward to any and all input.
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    Mar 2, 2009
    Hmmm I'll Try As Best I Can, Theres Other Folks Here With A Lot More Experience With Some Of These Speces Than Me--- The Size Is Wonderfully Huge--- Thats Definately A Plus! Pheasants--- They Do Better In Trios Or Larger Breeding Groups--- Many Speces Like Silvers The Cock Will Very Aggressive Towards Breeding And Territory During Laying Season--- Some Will Even Harrass A Single Hen To Death Breeding, So 1 Boy And A Few Ladies To Share The Wealth Is A Good Way To Go Here. Same With The Chukar--- Both Speces Will Tolerate The Winters There With Ease....
    As Will The Doves.....
    Blue Scale I Know Nothing About, Other Than They Are Indigenous To The South West--- That Being Said It Safe To Assume They Do Well In Hot Dry Climates So They May Not Do Well There-- Again I Have 0 Experience With Blue Scale. However Gambels, Valleys, And Any Bob Speces Will Do Fine With Winters There--

    For The Final Recipe--- Mixing All Ingredients In 1 Bowl--- I Have No Clue! I Do Know That Many Speces Of Pheasant Are Aggressive During Breeding Season, And If The Conditions Arent Right The Chukars Can Be Lil Peck Monsters. In A Fair Fight The Doves Will Loose 1st, Then The Quail, And Its A Toss Up Between Pheasants And Chukar As To Who The Winner Would Be... The Aviary Size You Have Planned Is Large And Thats A Bonus--- Gives Animals Room To Get Away From Aggressors, Just Dont Know How Aggressive All Birds Will Be. Keep In Mind That Different Pheasant Speces Are More Or Less Aggressive And Territorial Than Other Speces So That Will Definately Play A Part In The Overall Success.

    Maybe Partition Off Areas Fro Different Speces To Aviod The Nasty Disputes? I Have A Several Trios Of Ringnecks--- Every 1 Of The Cocks Will Defend His Pen Quite Violently 24/7- 365 I Have 1 That Even Attacked And Killed A Starling Because It Flew In At Feeding Time To Grab A Quick Bite Of His Food.... And Another That Has Giant Cochins As Neighbors Because These Are The Only 1's He Cant Pull Through The Fence And Whip--- Make No Mistake, They Give Him Wide Berth And Have Serious Respect For Him. And Its Earned As 2 Of Them Have Been Scalped By Him For Poking Heads Through The Fence--- The Saving Grace Is That Their Big Fluffy Butts Wont Fit So He Cant Pull Them Through And Finish The Job.

    Ask A Few Others On Here Through Pm--- Tony Kt, Lophura, P/shall, Spectrum Ranch, Kikes Cove. They Have Extensive Experience With Many Breeds Of Pheasants And Other Gamebirds, Perhaps They Can Provide You More Specific Answers You Need. Good Luck And I Hope It Works Out For You.
  3. OutInTheStiks

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    Jun 23, 2009
    Thorn Hill, TN
    Thanks for the reply. Thats exactly the type of information I am looking for.
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    Jul 6, 2009
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    If you can tolerate the noise, I highly recommend peafowl which would go well with the other birds. In my avairy of about the same size I have valley quail, coutrnix and bobwhites, peafowl, ringnecks and red goldens, a pair of silkies and bunnies. They all get along fine. One quail sleeps on top of the bunnies, and the peas are my favorites. Never a dull moment!

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