mixing coops what is the best way

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    Aug 11, 2011
    we have a old coop with 10 birds in it and one rooster. we have built a new coop and have our new birds in that there is I think 15 birds and 3 roosters. we want to mix them togeter in the new coop. I have free ranged them over summer togeter and very little fights. the older hens have already establesed a pecking order but I am unsure how to introduce them to the same coop, I know I should do this at night any other Ideas?
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    Mar 29, 2010
    Just wondering the measurements of your new coop...do you feel you have adequate roost bar space & space otherwise for that number of birds (the old group mixed in with the new group?). Mine shift between the two coops I have; only a few of them are loyal to one coop or the other.

    If you know there's room for all of them in the new coop, I vote for introducing the new group after dark. Strap a headlight on; grab a bird from the old coop; place it on a roost in the new coop; repeat. [​IMG] Good luck! Oh, and if you don't want them in the old coop, shut the door to it so they can't get back in. [​IMG] I'm very helpful, I know...[​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I'd worry more about a rooster battle! I'm about to integrate 2 flocks also, - mine have been living in a divided coop where they can see each other, but we're going to eliminate one rooster first. Have your roosters all been out free-ranging together without issues? I hear it is easiest if they are litter mates.
    Good luck with this!
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    Aug 11, 2011
    ok so our new coop is huge to me, it had 15 nest boxes that were out side entrance, I loved them but we cant use them as outside entrance becuse we have someone up here that steal eggs and hens. I think the roosting and laying box part is 12x15 then there is a door they go through and there is a closed in covered run that is 10x10 that is open to the covered dog run that is 10x12. they also free range most every day. alot of my chickens are bantams so I think I am ok, let me know what you think... we got the coop free on craigs list and only put a new one so it would be bigger and covered. they do all free range together. we have had a couple of fights between the head roo's they are brothers but all is fair in love and war I guess. I will probly have to get rid of one [​IMG] I so do not want to they are both so loving and gentle with the hens and protect them with there life's . maybe we could cover the other coop I just dont know I would like them togeter though but we will see. we just had 10 babies hatch. I think I have homes for most of them, funny I think I could just keep them all but to many is not healthy for the birds or my sanity, neighbors complain alot up here. the babies are so so cute bantam cochin most are black and have a chance to frizzle as dad is a frizzle [​IMG] mom's are a red cochen, blue cochen and maybe a salmon faverole unsure of that..

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