Mixing Mama Duck with the Babies


Apr 23, 2020
Central California
Hi. Last year, about March-ish, we got two Pekin ducks from Tractor Supply, Daffy (drake), and Squirt (duck). Squirt has gone very broody, started about a week ago, and is trying very hard to hatch her eggs. We did not want to have more Pekins running around; if we got more ducks, we wanted different breeds. I was wondering: If I were to buy some day-old ducklings, and sneak them into the coop and under her at night, will she think that the eggs she is sitting on hatched and will start taking care of the babies that I gave her? Or is that not how it works. Wondering if she doesn't notice if she could mother the babies if I switch out her eggs with day-old ducklings that I ordered. Let me know if I need to rephrase that to make more sense lol.

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