Mixing medicated starter feed and layers feed

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by NavyChickens, Jan 29, 2015.

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    Is there anything wrong with mixing medicated starter and layer feed I don't wanna finish feeding my starter feed since they are laying know. Also is it safe to eat there eggs there 20 wks and eating medicated starter feed
  2. Well, I don't think I would want to eat eggs from pullets eating medicated feed - but I'm not sure if there is anything medically wrong with doing it?

    I am sure more experienced chicken keepers than I will weigh in! I'm curious to know the answer :)
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    What is your feed medicated with? The most common med in the US is amprolium, and it's listed as having no withdrawl time on the Merck website. So it should be fine to feed to your layers. It's not an antibiotic, etc. It's a thiamine blocker so really doesn't have effect on the eggs ore the person eating the eggs.
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    Yes, I always like to know what medicine I’m dealing with before I start making decisions on what effects it might have. If it is Amprolium, here is what Purina has to say about it. Look at the very last question in this list.


    This is about the dosage in medicated feed. It is a fairly low dosage used as a preventative, not as a treatment. Corid, a medicine used as a treatment, also has Amprolium at a much higher dosage. I would not apply this to Corid, but the dosage in Medicated feed should be fine as long as it is Amprolium and nothing else.

    A possible issue. Are you feeding oyster shell or some calcium supplement on the side? The amount of calcium in Layer assumes all they eat is Layer. If you mix the two feeds then that amount of calcium has dropped. If you are not doing it already, I’d offer oyster shell or some other calcium supplement on the side when you mix the feeds.

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