Mixing oyster shell and flint grit?


Oct 28, 2018
Morning / afternoon / evening :)

Questions - is it okay to have shell and grit in same dish?
What have others experienced, as I have read about having
Them separate?

When I first got Tilly and Lulu I was going
To go get second hand small gumboots
And fill one with grit and one with shell.
Well that didn't quite happen :)
Initially as a temporary measure (due really
To lack of coop space) but now ongoing,
I put a bit of both In the same little glass casserole bowl.

From watching them eating their dried feed
And their small amounts of breakfast lunch
And dinner, they appear to be good at picking
Out exactly what they want.

I had read not to add shell to feed as they
Cld overeat calcium.
As they free range all day
And not run out of dried feed they seem to
Nibble on the shell and grit only as needed.


Oct 28, 2018
They should probably be separate. Just split them up into two little bowls.
Any particular reason your post is in a lot of little lines like a non-rhyming poem?
Hi Fishkeeper,
Thank you for replying.
These days with using phone and tablets more it is so I can track visually what I am typing, not having to slide back and forth. Needing to have size on screen much larger than what I used to. I don't tend to do it when using a desktop because nothing disappears off the screen.

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