Mixing pullets & layers?


11 Years
Mar 24, 2008
I have recently inherited a couple of 5-week old chicks and I'm wondering what to do in a couple of weeks when it warms up enough to leave them outside full time... I have an area of the run fenced off for them to enjoy on warm days, and the "old girls" (I have 4) are becoming used to having them around. They are only closed in the coop at night, and free range on 4 acres during the day. My concern is when the little ones are ready to roam, what feed should I offer? My layers don't actually eat much of their layer ration and are healthy as can be and lay wonderful eggs (1 year old), so I'm leaning toward just putting out grower feed until the others are close to laying. With our set-up it will be a real headache to try and make sure they stay away from the "wrong" feed unless I confine the non-layers to their half of the run and make a temporary shelter for them...which I hate to do...
Sorry to ramble! Any thoughts would be appreciated! I've enjoyed this Forum for a long time and learned a lot, but this is my first post!
You could always have two dishes out and free choice, hoping they'll eat what they need to. I did that, but I think it was more for my own peace of mind than anything!

Welcome to posting!

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