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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by chicklove93, Nov 14, 2011.

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    Oct 17, 2011
    I have 4 polish and 4 silkie chicks that are a week old day today. They are living in my garage with a heat lamp.

    Outside are my 3 Java chicks who are 4 weeks old today. They have been in my heated coop for 2 weeks, coming out in the run for a couple of hours over the weekend. My Javas are so afraid of me that they have a heart attack each time I go water and feed them. Also they are a lot bigger than my polish and silkies.

    Would it be ok to start introducing them together this weekend? (11/19/11) I understand I should prolly monitor thier interacting etc..
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  2. Jakenhoss

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    Quote:I would start spending more time with you Java's. I had some mixed chicks that started to become scared of me and I just spent more time with them. The only ones that are afraid of me now is my Americauna and Australorp. Out of 14 birds, that's not bad.
    As far as introducing, I would say it would be alright. The sooner the better, but I am not an expert. I usually introduce at a couple of weeks. Yours are young enough that it should not matter that much. Just keep an eye on them. I get a new batch every spring, so I have some year olds and older that I have to introduce the babies to, so I usually put them in a pen next to my flock for a week or so then let them all out in the yard at once. They seem to get along and will all go into the main pen when their done foraging. I haven't had any problems doing this and I've done it for four years now. Good luck to you.
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    Nov 13, 2011
    my chicks are 5 weeks and its november can i let them outside with t
    he yeare olds
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    Sep 18, 2011
    Huntsville, Tx
    Hi, My chicks (8RIR and 1 "rare breed") are 4 weeks old today. We put them outside yesterday in a separate run and baby coop with a light. Next door are the older white leghorns, which are laying very well. The White leghorns are trying to peck the babes through the fence. I want them to be safe, and will introduce the Babes when they are old enough to fend.
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    Quote:Last year I actually left my babies in my garden bathtub for 8 weeks. They were spoiled to the inside. When I finally took them out, I built a temp pen next to the main one and there was hardware cloth between the two. The olders also pecked through the fence but to no avail and after about one week, I put them all out in the yard for a couple of hours together, and to my surprise all of them went into the main pen and without any bloodshed. They have been living happily ever since. I got some new ones this last spring and I have fenced off a portion of the pen for them. I don't think they will ever get used to each other. They fight through the fence, but when they are out in the yard they get along fine. I have a couple of new Cochin's that are braver than they need to be and think that they can come into the old flock and take over. It's not happening. They will probably stay in the temp pen forever. I even built them a coop so there wouldn't be any transferring back and forth every day.
    I actually have hardware cloth around my whole pen because of snakes and other small critters that can go through chicken wire. The pen is built with chain link, then chicken wire, and hardware cloth around the entire outside. 1/3 of the pen is topped with corrugated metal, and the other 2/3's has shade cloth on top. My pen is approximately 36 X 20, I wanted to make sure there would be enough room for all of my chickens new and old.
    I wish you luck with your introductions.

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