"Mock" strawberries as a "run garden" plant+

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    I've read that some of y'all have put small 'gardens' into your bird's runs/pens, consisting of a frame with a screen on top so the birds could snack from the plants without decimating them because they can only munch what has grown through the screen, leaving the rest of the plant protected.

    I was thinking of doing something like this in my flock's pen. And out of all the treats I have given my birds over the years, nothing, and I mean no-thing has gotten a more eager reaction from them than mock or Indian strawberries (sometimes mistakenly called wild strawberries). Are these OK for chickens to eat? I know the berries are, but what about the rest of the plant (stems. leaves, flowers)? I have heard they have medicinal value for humans, but that doesn't always translate into good-to-eat for chickens.

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    General rule is, if it's safe for a human to consume, it's safe for a bird. No part of this plant is toxic.
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    To us, no. However the problem with 'general' rules is that there are always exceptions, sometimes deadly. Chocolate being a perfect example.

    I just want to be sure, I've already lost two hens to an as yet unidentified predator, whose efforts I seem to have been able to curtail for the moment.

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