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  1. Oh this is Depressing, we picked up chicks and got home and here's our story... [​IMG]

    Our order was suppose to be:
    Bantam Sultan SR 1
    Blue Silkie Bantam ST RUN 1
    Buff Silkie Bantam ST RUN 1
    Red Silkie Bantam ST RUN 1

    I was under the impression that all Silkies have dark blue flesh and bones, blue earlobes, and five toes on each foot and feathered legs/feet.
    1 of the chicks we received (and it was snuggled down in the corner of the box so we didn't notice) is definitely not a Silkie. [​IMG]
    It has pinkish yellow beak and legs, and has only 4 toes no feathers on legs/feet.
    We can't go all the way back down to hatchery to replace the chick which we have no idea what type it is suppose to be.
    Pictured below are all the chicks separated.

    Could someone help to identify the Unknown Chick??? [​IMG]

    Blue Silkie

    Red Silkie??? or Buff Silkie??? Which am I also? [​IMG]


    Please help me Identify my Chicks... [​IMG]
    Thank you,
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