modern game thread! (')>

wel can we start another? i think ppl would love them if they gave them a chance! i kno i did when i got mine
so not a fan of it and i dont think i could do it. i really want to get into breeding modern game bantmas but i dont think i would be able to dub you think my vet would do it
Your vet wouldn't do it, even if they did I bet they wouldn't know how to do it correctly for showing.

Then just show the pullets and not dub the males. For the most part it is the pullets that win the most except when it comes to BB reds. They are the easiest to train and show also.
The only problem you will have is when they start to lay they don't show as well
LOVE MODERNS!!!!! I had some a while back as a junior, brown reds, and birchens. Just got back into show poultry I have black, brownd red, and blue old english. Almost bought some lemon blue moderns...wish i would've now
I have Lavender Moderns. I love them, my parents love them. They are like little pigeons or something. They are not too game, the Roos I have seldom squabble with each other, although they were raised together, that could make a difference. They are bright, inquisitive, friendly and very sweet. They make excellent pets.

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