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    Nov 18, 2011

    we have several hens and 4 roosters. we have a RIR,Silkie,Japanese and modern game rooster. the modern game roo is 9 months and the rest of the roos/chickens are 6 months.
    all are chickens have free ranged from about 8 weeks.
    any idea why ALL of the chickens and Roosters are afraid of the modern game rooster which is the smallest and slowest one out of all the chickens? he doesn't ever get too really hurt any of the other chicks because they wont go near him. he is nice to people and will not take a step when you go to pick him up.

    their really isn't any problem,that is the reason i posted this in the chicken behavior section. i just think it is weird how a silkie rooster and RIR rooster and several leg horn hens wont go near the little guy.
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    Sep 19, 2009
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    It is a maturity issue, rather than size, where the modern game is a young adult with vocal and physical displays that are subtle yet threatening to the juveniles in the flock. This will change when the juveniles mature.

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