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    Apr 11, 2011
    My 16 assorted little fuzzy butts are coming at the beginning of August. I am trying to design a 10 x 12 raised coop with attached run for them. Since 4 or them will be Silkies, my thought was to section off 1/3 of the coop for Silkies (and/or possibly future chicks). I've read that Silkies are not big on roosting since they can't see well with the fuzzy crowns. For those of you who have raised Silkies, what modifications have you made for them? How high do you put their nest boxes? Roosts? etc.
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    I put the roosting platform about 2 feet off the floor and the nesting box's are 4 in a row about 1 foot off the floor they like to get under it to sit alot allso. Hope that help's.
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    My silkies share a coop with d'uccles. The roost is about 22 inches high, and I even have a ramp going up to it. I do use a dropping board, which is set just over 16 inches. Most just hop up to the dropping board to get to the roost, but some hop onto the ramp midway and then hop up. I may try removing the ramp eventually (mine are only 13 wks. right now).

    ETA: Obviously mine don't use the nest box yet, but my nest box opening is around 20 inches off the floor.
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