Modify the 1550 hatcher?

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    I'm looking at purchasing a 1550 hatcher next winter. I don't like some things about it and have debated making my own. I think it'd be much easier to just modify the 1550. I figure I'll eventually be hatching out about 90 or so chicks at a time. Let me start by saying what I don't like about the 1550:

    Door is not clear. Easy to resolve a clear door available for about $70

    Trays too close, even with clear doors you really can't see into the hatching trays well

    This is what I would like to do: Take the bottom large tray out and space the remaining four trays evenly (leaving air circulation room beneath the lowest tray) Make 8" x 14" pedigree boxes so that each tray has three [total=12] separate pedigree baskets. This will allow me to separate eggs and therefore chicks from up to twelve different hens; even more if said chicks are from breeds who chicks appear different enough to distinguish them apart at birth.

    Now when I put the clear door on the hatcher my children will have a fair view of the eggs hatching. I will be able to keep tight pedigrees on my trap nested-hens. I will wing band them once I remove them from the hatcher.

    Please comments suggestions would be appreciated as I am very new to this.
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