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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by walkswithdog, Mar 29, 2009.

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    Thank you for all the helpful posts here and sealing cracked eggs. Two days ago I found one of my BR turkey eggs with a divot in it, about the size of an eraser head of a pencil. She's not a very good broody, first time, so I gathered all the eggs to candle. Returned the least developed to her and took the broken one and three that were further along that she's obviously not turning properly.

    I thought the broken one would be dead. Couldn't see anything move on candling but it was a little cold. So I thought what the heck and I dug out an unscented candle a match and sealed it up and placed it in the incubator to warm up for 24 hours.

    Yesterday I candled again, fully expecting gas beginning to form from death and air infiltration, or just nothing moving. After a minute or so of careful candling I hit the right angle and the little poult inside was moving well and energeticly.

    If he survives it will be because of all the wonderful people here and all the helpful posts. Today there's a wiggler because you all are here and I thank you.

    Grinning in Tennessee.
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    back atcha! [​IMG]
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    ITs a nice trick.
    I have a VERY loud RIR chick in my house keeping me up at night that came from a cracked and wax sealed egg.

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